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bright e mail for stupid guys

Dear Rainer,

Good day.

Thank you for providing the information.

There are several factors that can affect the speed of your internet
connection, such as:

* The condition of your PC.  It should not contain any virus and spyware
which may affect the bandwidth.  Please make sure to run virus scan on
your PC regularly.

* High traffic websites.  A website takes longer to respond when you try
to download one of its web pages.  Usually this means there are a lot of
people looking at the same site.

* Peak internet hours.  If there are many people connecting to the
internet at the same time, your connection can slow down.  Some times of
day are busier than others.  For example, after school can be a busy
time because lots of students arrive at home or go to internet cafes and
try to connect to the internet.

Kindly perform the troubleshooting steps below to address your
connection difficulty:

* Clear your cache and cookies in your browser settings (Note: Previous
visited sites, stored username and password on your browser will be

* Disable your firewall and anti-virus while you are browsing the
internet (Note: Turn ON Anti-virus and Firewall settings after

* Isolate/Bypass Router (if using).  Use of router can slow down the
speed since the bandwidth will be shared among them.

You can also call the following 24-hour SMART Bro hotline numbers:
02-6727277 using a landline phone, *1888 (for Canopy/WiMAX account) or
*888 (for Share-It, Plug-It and WiFi devices) using a SMART cell phone
or 1-800-10-672-7277 toll-free using a PLDT provincial landline, for
immediate checking of your account and for immediate creation of a
Service Request when needed.

We hope this information helps.

Thank you.


Customer Care