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less company smart

thank you
dear cs
may i please explain
 the tests are made and displayed or published  on the web side
and sub pages, made  on

1.) the proffessional routers with linux  just a simple router in the
diagnostic interface (Cisco 2900) (rv016) (rv042) im not sure if smart
can effort router like this
2.) linux  computer  brand new installed
3.) windows xp computer with 2.8 gb ram no firewall
4.) on windows7 i5 64 bit 16 gb ram
 and so on
i'm sure i have the most advanced technology at my home where your
guys only dreaming about  so
please get technical and talk like a pro .
as i wrote in a e mail before i own a company that set up for
Multinational corporation, with more than 300 workstations. connected
by my voip network by my setup with routers and in close cooperation
with isp in hk sg and in my.
so .
please save me this nonsense.

hey guys
did you realize that your company sale bandwidth that do not have.
look at  your standard template
 * Peak internet hours.  If there are many people connecting to the
> internet at the same time, your connection can slow down.
do this mean At peek hours i do have to accept no internet

stay normal and pretend like a  communication engineer with a degree
made in germany (as  im a german)
you are welcome to check my reference list (may send your resume )

hi guys what i want is internet  that my vpn routers are working and
my voip is doing ok
i do not f. care if i pay more if it work
but at the moment i pay  to smart  and nothing works.

download speed of
0.0019 mbp/s is not good  you not born at the time we used 300 bout modems
but i'm back at this time by smart  than smart don't care
to bad that you work for
company like this

lets see when your names show up in google on the top.
let me predict in 4 weeks i will be on the top  with bad smart,

just test  type  rainer schlawginski  in to google
the first 37 pages are me

and soon smart will be there with bad news

you may read this e mail also on
google  or on http://www.ralo.org/home/smart-internet