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mail 0103 2013 smart

second e mail  from smart  cs  in one day 

Dear Rainer,

Good day.

We have received your concern with regards to ping test results.  Based
on our records your concern is already with the concerned group.  We
will provide feedback once available.

Also please know that refunds are done strictly over the counter.
Please visit a SMART store near you.

Thank you.


Customer Care

rom: Rainer Schlawginski <rainer@ralo.org>
to: "customercare@smart.com.ph" <customercare@smart.com.ph>

date: Fri, Mar 1, 2013 at 11:36 AM
subject: Re: no internet
mailed-by: ralo.org

good  day
i can see that you trying to make me more angry as i'm
my name is rainer schlawginski  and i'm also a smart client (at the
moment) check your records and you will find my information there
srn xxxxxxxx
accn xxxxxxx
soa number xxxxxx
and xx schlawginski (name as printed on your useless bills) is my
wife and  I pay the bills.

YOU  having our details since many years.
YOU should be fixing the internet  and not asking questions that you
have in your record.

this do not fly with me anymore, the time i'm friendly is over after 8
months disrespect form smart.
 i pay the dame bills every month and YOU (smart )don't not care what
i pay for  for YOU is only the money not the service.

YOU call 20 times at last in since
reference: 415638777. 05:10 AM - 06 Nov 12 and before november.
reference: 423873765. 05:31 AM - 02 Jan 13

YOU talk  to me and every time
YOU tell me that you have forwarded my concern.

where did you forward it  in the last 8 months since i complain
where is the support, ( not useless calls from cs no stupid question
about the account verification ) i'm sick of this .

YOU should do YOUR job and get my internet and this of about 600
others here in the PANDI BULACAN area to work .
and do not play this useless time consuming game.

srn xxxxxxxx
accn xxxxxxxxx
name elisa schlawginski
payment every month at payment center
adress xxx villia terra subd san roque pandi bulacan 3014

if you need more info you can call us
or in case you are not willing to look in the file here the smart
number xxxxxxxx

or under the smart phone number under my wife's  name xxxx Schlawginski same address.
there you can talk to ME  and i will make sure that you understand
what i'm saying

as it will be very loud.

(info i  record every call )
smart can do it so i can do it.

so do YOUR JOB,
i have my job in running a IT company in hong kong where 10 more
qualified persons working.
latest news about my internet connection you will find under
there you will find also the voice records soon !

rainer schlawginski

Dear Rainer,

Good day.

We have received your concern about not having an internet connection.
Please provide the following for us to check further.

*Service Reference Number/Account Number
*Specific details of your concern
*Date and time problem was encountered
*Error message encountered

Also to verify your account and for checking please provide the

* Account holder's complete name (First, Middle and Last Name)
* Birth date
* Complete billing address
* Last payment details (date of payment, amount paid, and mode of

We will await for your reply.


Customer Care

sorry to say but this cs is trying to be smart  and prove it smart don't care.
my replay to this e mail i will post later.

my replay to cs  smart 

Thank you  for your replay.
this is exactly what i mean

 "Based > on our records your concern is already with the concerned group.
We will provide feedback once available."

there was never any update  nor any fix for the last 8 months .

this internet is there from 1 am to 6 am  than slow down to the point
of 4000ms delay no page will open  nothing work
during the day there are some  hours where i can use it  so soon it is
8pm  no way till 12 midnight

this is not that i only complain  the problem is that i have to use
other very expensive ways to run my business in hong kong, malaisya,

i'm deeply  Disappointed in most of the philippines, in every aspect .

if smart / pldt would have the right consulting company  this business
would  grow.
if smart would implement on most of the base stations a simple Blue
coat cash flow 3000
it would reduce the traffic volume by up to 70 %

but non of them are in use as i can see and have investigated.
all out of date low grade router switches,
even the microwave links to the base stations are at the capacity
limits with no more room to grow.
this way the business will die.